Colors of the homeland 54 million for “Shakosh” .. and 28 for “Bekaa” … the profits of festivals from YouTube


Fame has been a great fame for singers of festivals in recent years, as they become songs Hassan Shakoush Hama Beca, Omar Kamal and others are most viewed on the YouTube website, which is a view that generates huge profits according to “Socialblade”.

The famous site monitors the expected profits of festivals from their YouTube channels, based on the views, on the basis of which the monthly profit is calculated, and accordingly the site sets an expectation of its annual profits.

Hassan Shakosh is in the lead, followed by Hama Beca

Hassan Shakoush tops the list of the most profitable from “YouTube” among festivals singers, as the number of views of his songs exceeded 214 million, and the site is likely to receive monthly profits by about 294 thousand dollars, equivalent to nearly 4 million and 680 thousand and 67 pounds, and the channel is expected to achieve profits Annual about 3 million and 500 thousand dollars, equivalent to 54 million and 857 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Hama Beca comes in second place, where the channel’s viewership exceeded 238 views, and reaps monthly profits according to the site’s accounts about 146 thousand dollars, which is close to two million and 300 thousand pounds per month. The site also expects to earn about one million and 800 thousand dollars per month, approximately approximately 28 Million pounds a month.

In third place is Figo Dakhlaoui, whose channel has achieved more than 627 thousand views, and makes monthly profits of 110 thousand dollars, equivalent to about one million and 727 thousand Egyptian pounds, and earns annually one million and 300 thousand dollars, equivalent to about 20 million and 400 thousand Egyptian pounds.

The Oka and Ortega channel brings them about 31 thousand dollars a month, approximately 490 thousand Egyptian pounds, and earns about 375 thousand dollars annually, approximately 6 million Egyptian pounds.

The Coriander and Throat Channel makes about 18 thousand dollars a month, approximately 280 thousand Egyptian pounds, and annually it achieves 213 thousand dollars, or 3 million and 344 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Omar Kamal, the owner of the song “Local Sugar Hidden on Karima”, earns his channel monthly, according to the website, 16 thousand dollars, or about a quarter of a million Egyptian pounds, and annually, it achieves 191 thousand dollars, equivalent to about 3 million pounds.


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