Colors of the homeland Raffles from the cinemas .. The story of the movie “Brain of Demon” by Rania Youssef


15 days after being released in cinemas, the movie “Demon BrainRania Youssef and Bassem Samra, by lifting him from theaters, as he achieved revenues until last Tuesday, about 77,975 pounds.

As for the reason behind his lifting of the theaters, Rania Youssef suggested the reason for the failure to 3 factors, which are showing it in 3 cinemas only, and the producer did not spend it as required, as well as the urgency in filming the movie, which took place in 12 days only, and that During her statements on MBC Trending, on the “MBC” network.

Demon Brain is categorized by suspense and excitement

The 82-minute film categorizes suspense and excitement, and determines the age group to watch, which is the audience over the age of 16, and revolves around a family with a painful accident that causes it to engage in a major conflict between its members, due to their involvement in a crime.

The movie starring Basem Samra, Rania Youssef, Salwa Khattab, Amr Abed, Lead Fawaz, Yasser Al-Zankalouni, guest of Sharaf Mai Fakhry and Ashraf Tolba, and it was written by Amr Al-Dali and directed by Karim Ismail.

On January 20, the protagonists of the movie “Brain of Demon” were keen to attend the special screening, which took place in one of the cinemas of the first gathering. Among the first attendees, Rania Youssef, accompanied by her daughter Nancy Mohamed Mokhtar, and also attended by Bassem Samra, Amr Abdin, and a number of young faces participating in the film. .

On the sidelines of the film’s presentation, the “Film of Egypt” company, which produced the movie “The Brain of Demon”, released the song “The Brain of Demon”, through its official channel on the YouTube website, from the songs of Ahmed Ezzat, Ali Samara, the words of Hassan Attia, and Khaled’s melodies Tohamy, and the distribution of Tariq Abdul Jaber.


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