Colors of the homeland “Stay advised.” How do you differentiate between domestic and imported shrimp?


When buying shrimps, especially the most popular “Swiss shrimp”, many cannot distinguish between imported fish and fish, which often causes citizens during purchase to be deceived, by purchasing imported food, and they think it is a Swiss shrimp.

Many people are very confused when they stand in front of the types of shrimps who want to buy them and they cannot be sure whether it is a local shrimp caught on the coasts of the country or farms or imported from abroad who do not know its source.

Within the market in the Suez Governorate, which is famous for having the best shrimp, the most famous of which is the “Swiss Shrimp”, fish traders offer advice to those who want to buy shrimp so that they are not deceived.

Saber Ali, a fish trader in Suez, said that the municipal shrimp is completely different from the imported shrimp in terms of form and nutritional value, because the first comes out of the sea for the consumer in a short time, as it is not possible to stay long, while the imported shrimp, its nutritional value disappears because it remains frozen for long periods .

Saber emphasized that the municipal shrimp is a clear yellow color and its sizes are different and there is a large, medium and small shrimp, and also one of the types of striped municipal shrimp.

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