“Consolidating the prestige of the state” .. 5 instructions from Sisi regarding the recovery of the ara


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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi met today, Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, and members of the Supreme Committee for the Reclamation of State Lands headed by Eng. Sherif Ismail, Assistant President of the Republic for national and strategic projects, and the ministers of water resources and irrigation, finance, local development, interior, agricultural and land reclamation, In addition to the governorates of the New Valley, Giza, Beheira, Assiut, Sohag, Alexandria, Qena, Minya, Dakahlia, the advisor to the President of the Republic for Urban Planning, and the head of the Administrative Control Authority, in the presence of a number of military and police leaders And officials of the concerned authorities.

Ambassador Bassam Radi, a spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic, said that the meeting dealt with a review of the legalization and restoration of state lands in the governorates, according to Law No. 144 of 2017 regarding rules for disposition of squatters on state lands, as this meeting is the first in a series of meetings to be held with various governorates on Straight.

In this context, President Sisi thanked the competent government agencies, governors, and relevant officials for the effort made, stressing that the aim of this effort is not only limited to the economic and material part and the restoration of the state’s assets and rights, but rather goes beyond that to establish the prestige of the state and impose the rule of law and discipline, which are the principles that It always reflects the progress and urbanization of countries.

President Al-Sisi also directed careful daily follow-up by the governors and to give priority to this file with the aim of legalizing the legal status of citizens and ending the practices of seizing state lands and restricting all illegal conditions to deal with them in all seriousness, stressing in this regard the need to prevent further violations in parallel with the speedy completion of Rationing procedures, as well as taking into account the conditions of citizens who are serious about rationing to achieve justice and social peace.

President Al-Sisi also directed the necessity of coordination between all the authorities concerned with the land file in the scope of the various governorates, and decisive dealing with all cases that prove not to be serious and include waves of removal, with the aim of achieving the desired goals through the intensification of work and providing all the capabilities required for the legal committees in the governorates, stressing that removals It must be carried out according to decisive controls and applied to all violators without exception in order to apply the rule of law, as well as the need to ensure the accuracy of information and data for each governorate to find all the relevant details, not only with regard to land plots and their contractual receipts, but rather Also details of the natural resources it contains, provided that the development of those resources is carried out through proposing initiatives and ideas by the conservative gentlemen concerned mainly with this file.

The Presidential Spokesman stated that the President was briefed on the mechanisms and executive steps for the work of the Supreme Committee for Land Reclamation on the ground. The meeting also witnessed a review of the performance rates in the legalization and recovery of state lands in a number of governorates, as well as the value of the proceeds in this regard that are deposited with the “right of the people” account, It is the account designated for the benefit of recovering the legalization value, in addition to presenting the results of the successive waves of removal that have taken place so far at the governorate level, within the framework of the serious dealings of the state in restoring its rights, which are essentially assets belonging to the people, and not allowing any delays or stalling cases Illegal transactions, noting the most important steps in the legalization process, especially data audit, examination, inspection, and land pricing mechanisms.

During the meeting, plans and modus operandi of the legalization committees in the governorates of New Valley, Giza, Beheira, Assiut, Sohag, Alexandria, Qena, Minya, and Dakahlia were also presented, as well as a review of some of the obstacles that face its work, with a number of solutions being presented to confront them that would contribute to Increased achievement rates in this regard.

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