Corona currently has no cure and we are facing a lack of masks


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Maria Karkov, Head of the Emergency Diseases Department of the World Health Organization, confirmed on Friday that the number of new cases has decreased.Corona Virus China, indicating that there is still no vaccine to treat the Coronavirus.

It also indicated that there are 24 laboratories contributing to the process of fighting the deadly virus, and the organization complained of a lack of protective equipment against the Corona virus.

The organization called for coordination of international efforts to confront Corona.

In turn, an official from the organization warned that the world is facing a shortage of masks and other protection equipment against the emerging corona virus. “The world is facing a chronic shortage of individual protective equipment,” said Tedros Adanum Gabrius at a meeting of the WHO Executive Committee in Geneva. He added that he would speak to officials in the supply chain to resolve “bottleneck” in production.

On Thursday, in a press briefing, WHO announced that the Corona virus is still present An unknown enemy So far without any effective medicine, despite the increase in the number of research centers working on the virus in various countries of the world from 2500 centers to 7000 centers.

It also reported that there is no documented information about the source of this epidemic, how it spread, and the extent of the possible outbreak.

It is noteworthy that the death toll from the emerging corona virus increased in China to 636, an increase of 73 cases from the previous day.

A man in a medical mask and plastic bag checks a product at a Hong Kong supermarket
A man in a medical mask and plastic bag checks a product at a Hong Kong supermarket

Of the total number, the central Hubei province and the epidemic outbreak center recorded 69 deaths, including 64 in Wuhan, the province’s capital.

The Hubei Provincial Health Committee said in its daily report that there were 2,447 new cases of the virus.

Across the Chinese mainland, there were 3,143 new confirmed cases on Thursday, which brought the number of injured to 31,161.

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