Corona virus kills Chinese prison inmates




                    Aly Song

A prison in China – archive

The Chinese authorities in Shandong Province announced that the “Coruna” virus has spread in “Jin Chen” prison, where it recorded 200 infections among its inmates and 7 infections among its employees.

“The Coruna virus was spreading in Jin Chen Prison, Shandong Province, and as of February 20, 207 cases had been confirmed,” the authorities said in a statement.

The statement added that tests had been carried out for 2077 persons related to the prison, and that 200 prisoners and 7 employees were confirmed injured, and the injured were isolated and subjected to treatment.

The provincial government explained that at the beginning of this month, symptoms such as coughing appeared, and after a prison staff member was isolated because of these symptoms and later confirmed that he was injured, the authorities decided to conduct prison checks, but this step was late, and the prison director was dismissed.

The Chinese authorities announced today, Friday, that the death toll due to the “Corona” virus has increased to 2236 cases, while the number of infected people has exceeded 7500 infected during the past 24 hours.

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