Coronation in the African Super is easy .. Schubert sends a message to Zamalek before facing Esperance


The journalist Ahmed Shoubir, the star of Al-Ahly and the former team, gave his advice to Zamalek team Concerning the team’s match against Tunisias Esperance, next Friday, in the away leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals.
“Schubert” confirmed to “On Sport” channel that Zamalek He managed to win against Esperance and crown the African Super Championship, but this does not mean that he can win it next Friday, stressing that the tournaments that are from one match are much easier than the other tournaments.

“Schubert” added that Zamalek managed to compete in the Super African match with a certain tactic, but it is difficult to implement this matter in the next two matches, “coming and going.”

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And continued, “Schubert” that Zamalek should be a great caution in that match and forget about the coronation of the two African Super Championships against Esperance and the Egyptian Super against Al-Ahly.


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