Costume every year .. Billy Porter sparks controversy in a golden dress during the Oscars


Once again, the American singer and actor Billy Porter is back to stir controversy over his outfits, as he came a while ago, Oscar 2020 Awards, Which will take place hours after now, but the look with which it appeared is controversial.

Porter wore a dress, the upper part of which is gold, while the lower part was a mixture of orange degrees and an embossed brown, where Porter used to stir controversy in parties, as he did in the “Golden Globe”, and in Oscar last year.

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Hours later, the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony, which will take place today, takes place at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, in the United States of America. around the world.

Billy Porter
Billy Porter

The category of Best Film in the Oscars is witnessing strong competition among many successful films during the year 2019, which are works that have met with mass and monetary success together, and it is included in the list of the best films, films Ford v Ferrari, AndJOKER, Andonce upon a time in hollywood, AndParasite, Andthe irishman, AndMarriage Story, 1917, andJojo Rabbit, AndLittle Women.

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Billy Porter (1) 0

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