Death threats and calls for guidance How did Mona Farouk talk after her recent crisis?


02/18 06:00

Once again, the young actress Mona Farouq approached the audience through a video clip, during which she threatened to commit suicide because of the treatment she receives due to her recent crisis, saying: “Enough is I work myself, I don’t mind my mind all the time, and I work as normal and it is not normal and I am tired of many needs Strong and suffocated, strong and I deal all the time with people if I am pariah. ”

Mona Farouk, who went through a crisis that led to her imprisonment for several months last year, left the prison in June 2019, to appear through a video clip broadcast on her page on the social networking site “Facebook”, during which she confirms that she is the only page for her, which will communicate with the public.

Since her exit and interaction with the public on the Facebook page, Mona Farouk has been subject to many criticisms and a constant attack from her followers, which has led her to talk about suicide on more than one occasion through the comments she writes in response to her critics and attackers.

In October last year, Mona Farouk published a photo of her with one of her friends, on which she wrote a comment saying: “Height is a prestige,” to meet a storm of attack and criticism in the comments, which I mentioned with the crisis of the videos that entered the prison.



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