Deep space .. a book that makes you unleash your imagination beyond the edge of the universe


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This book, as its last cover indicates, is a journey that fuels the reader’s imagination and flies through the universe, starting from inside our solar system, and does not stop at exploring our galaxy the Milky Way, but extends up to the sprawling ends of the universe and ends at the edge of the cosmic horizon.

The book is written by Dutch journalist and astronomer Geoffert Schilling, who specializes in writing about space, as he writes regularly in the American magazines New Scientist and Sky and Telescope. In this book, he reviews the processes of star birth and death and a large number of other cosmic aspects such as black holes that astronomers believe today are found in the center of each galaxy, dark matter and anti gravity, theories of life outside the planet and multiple universes.

The author explains in his introduction to the book that “the diaries of the universe have become much more sophisticated than before. Most of the content of this book could not have been written 25 years ago, due to our limited knowledge at that time.” And it confirms that “space is vast and it is inconceivable its magnitude”, and cites an example of this with the Voyager 2 spacecraft, which was launched by the American Space Agency (NASA) in 1977 AD, which reached a distance of nearly 16 billion kilometers from the Earth and then crossed in front of the buyer Saturn in 1979 and 1981 AD, and met Uranus in 1986 AD and Neptune in 1989 AD, and it is now heading towards the edge of the solar system, to leave it beyond it. Despite its speed of 55 thousand kilometers per hour, it needs tens of thousands of years to approach another star more than it approaches our sun, which accounts for about 99% of the mass of this system and consists almost entirely of the lightest elements known in nature, hydrogen and helium. This means that our solar system, with its amazing diversity of planets, moons, and comets, is nothing more than, according to Shilling’s description, “more than a small drop in the vast surroundings of the universe, which is our backyard from which we can stare at the cosmic rewards of our street, our country, our country and our world.”

The book includes hundreds of photographs and accurate illustrations, which are accompanied by an introductory narration of the content of each image or drawing. Heavenly.

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