Deyang: What we did after the tie was good … and thank my colleagues for this reason


Aliyo Diang, Al-Ahly’s first team player, expressed his happiness at the red giant’s victory over Pyramids, noting that the match was difficult for both parties.

“The match was difficult, and when a team leads in front of you in the result and then you can return in the result, this needs a great effort from everyone,” Alio Diang said in his remarks to On Sport after the end of the match.

He added: “We managed to win the match, it was the efforts of the players, and not just my effort, I thank my colleagues for helping me reach this level and showing this performance.”

Mali Aliyu Diang continued his statements by saying: “When Pyramids scored the goal we felt anxious, but we returned in the result and managed to win, and after the tie we played in our style, which is a good thing.”

Al-Ahly defeated Pyramids with two goals for a goal in the air defense stadium in the 16th round of the General League, where Ali Gabr advanced in the result, before Alio Badji realized the second goal, while Alio Diang scored the second goal in the killer time.

Al-Ahly club reached this point 39 after winning 13 games in a row, while Pyramids’ balance at point 26 stopped in fifth place in the table.


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