Dialogue inside his car .. How did Mubarak answer Samir Faraj’s question about inheritance? (Video)


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Major General Samir Faraj, the former director of the Department of Moral Affairs, revealed the details of a dialogue that took place between him and the late President Hosni Mubarak related to inheritance during a visit to him while he was the governor of Luxor, and said: “I was close to talking to Mubarak and allowed me to be frank with him and during the time he visited Luxor I accompanied him in His car and I talked about the issue of inheritance, because the Egyptian street is busy with it. ”

Major General Samir Faraj, in a meeting on the showdown program with Ahmed Salem on the Cairo channel and the people, on Wednesday, spoke about the details of the dialogue that took place between them, saying: “I said to Mubarak in his car, oh regret, can I say something, and I can’t wait for me, say I said, I said to him People regretted the inheritance saying: He said decisively: My son, I do not leave my house and I do not visit anyone. My son is surrounded in this worry .. I am my son helping me, but God is right. This is what he said ».

Major General Samir Faraj acknowledged that the external evidence was saying that the inheritance was coming and that no official could exile him, but the late Mubarak denied any intention to pass on his son to rule.

Major General Samir Faraj pointed out that the late President Hosni Mubarak has lived over the past nine years very sad and bitter about what he was subjected to, saying: “Mubarak always said after his ouster, I am unheard of what I work at.” Stressing that Mubarak served and fought for Egypt and maintained stability The country did not make a serious decision throughout his rule to enter Egypt in a state of war.

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