Did the Chinese eat “ant anteater”, the cause of corona virus?


Eating antersheets It is the last thing published by Chinese researchers about the causes of infection with the Corona virus, where they said that the anteater of the squamous ants causes infection with the Corona virus, which is a animal that is trafficked illegally because of its scales and flesh..

We provide everything you want to know about Eating antersheets According to what reported by the site animaldiversity:

A new suspect joined the list of persons accused of transmitting the human virus



And snakes

And mice

Chinese researchers revealed that an animal The scaly anteater It is the cause of infection with this dangerous virus


What is the “

The scaly anteater?

1: It is a mammal that is traded illegally because of its scales and flesh.

And the Chinese consider it an important food for them

2: It is called the scales, in relation to the scaly body cover and scales accumulated on top of each other.

3: His tongue and muscles are very long.

4: Skull of antiphytes, cone-shaped.

5: Some harvests are wild, others have semi-articulated tails.

6: It is native to Southeast Asia and some regions of Africa .

If this animal’s relationship with Corona is proven, will the disease be controlled, as the research team claims?


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