Discover a planet that a year passes by in less than a day .. Know the details


Scientists have discovered a planet that only a year will pass within 18 hours, and the speed of time is related to its rotation around the star “NGTS-10” at a very close distance. The researchers found the planet in the hare constellation which is located about 2.5 million km from a star and belongs to the giant outer planets category Invasive gas, the hot buyer, according to the magazine “Monthly Notices.”

James McCormack, Professor at Warwick University in Britain, said, “It is very easy to find planets like these because they often pass near the constellation disk, but it is very rare to observe planets that a year passes in less than a day and until now seven planets of this type have been discovered.” , According to Sputnik.

The weight of the new planet is twice the weight of the largest planet in our solar system and is 1.2 times larger than Jupiter, and what distinguishes this category of planets is that it is its sky (the upper atmosphere) raining with rubies and gems, and the NGTS-10 star arouses the interest of scientists, within ten Years its orbital period (the time it takes to orbit an astronomical object in its orbit) will be limited to seven seconds.

In another context, Monica Grady, professor of planetary and space science at the University of Liverpool Hope, said it was almost certain that Jupiter’s moon, known as “Europe”, was home to aliens, similar to the “octopus”.


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