Do you remember the Egyptian girl Jana? .. Justice takes revenge on her grandmother


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The Mansoura Criminal Court in Dakahlia Governorate sentenced Safaa Abdel-Latif, a convicted prisoner, to 6 years in prison. Torturing her granddaughter Profoundly led to death.

The Egyptian girl reaped that Her story played the networking sites Last September, after her mother and grandmother tortured her and her sister, Amani, they led to torture.

The story started when the director of Dakahlia Security in northern Egypt received, last September, a report from the Sherbeen General Hospital reporting that the 5-year-old Jana had been injured. Bruising separate body, And her body had traces of burns, and when the girl was asked – before her death – she admitted that her grandmother had tortured her.

The late girl reaped
The late girl reaped

Forensic medicine, in turn, confirmed that these injuries occurred during consecutive periods of time, which indicates that The habit of reprimanding and repeating it with the intention of torture.

He attributed the death of the child to those injuries and complications that led to a failure in her vital functions, and ended in a sharp drop in the circulatory and respiratory circulation and then death.

Signs of torture on the girl's body reaped
Signs of torture on the girl’s body reaped

On the other hand, forensic medicine confirmed the injury of the second child, Amani, Janas sister. Burns of first and second degree fire In sensitive areas of her body, and bruises in different parts. He confirmed that these injuries occurred as a result of infringing her with hard tools, which was consistent with what the victim reported to her.

Parental separation and a blind mother

In turn, the investigations of the prosecution indicated at the time that the parents of the two girls separated, and their accused grandmother, Safaa Abdel-Fattah Abdel-Latif, assumed custody of their mother’s loss of sight.

The dead girl reaped
The dead girl reaped

The Public Prosecution also heard the statements of the two girls before the death of Jana, and witnesses to the incident, and all of them emphasized the diligence of the grandmother accused of assaulting the two girls with beating and burning.

To raise them

After that, she directed the grandmother of the child to her mother, a housewife who was staying in the same village, accused of assaulting her two granddaughters by beating, heating a sharp machine, and ironing the child in sensitive areas of her body “to urinate involuntarily.”

The child Amani is Jana's sister and her father
The child Amani is Janas sister and her father

The police also arrested the defendant, and upon confronting her, she denied what was attributed to her, and after investigation the defendant confessed to beating and burning her two granddaughters using hard tools, and claimed that this physical harm to them was to raise them.

After the death of the child Jana, the pioneers of the communication sites demanded the imposition of the maximum penalties in Jeddah, which they considered a criminal, while some emphasized the need to execute the grandmother and provide the maximum possible care for the child Amani, and transfer it to one of the social care homes.

To that, the Public Prosecution ordered the deposit of the child, Amani Mohamed Samir, Janas sister, into a social care home in coordination with the Ministry of Social Solidarity to provide an environment that is appropriate for her from the health and psychological aspects.

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