Does Zamalek have the right to face Al-Ahly with players who are not registered locally?


A great controversy was raised by Zamalek club officials that the first team players registered in the local list were not present, to fight against Al-Ahly scheduled for today, Monday, in the Egyptian League.

The Zamalek administration settled for the confrontation with players who were assembled from the various stages of the club’s different stages, specifically born in 2001 with some of the players of the 1999 and 2000 teams.

The list of competitions in the Egyptian Football Association, stipulates that there are only five players under the age of age in the list of the first team that plays the Egyptian league matches.

However, the Egyptian Football Association regulations also stipulate that any club has the right to play any league match with a list of players who are not included in this list, even if they are not included in the five-year-old.

In the case of the top game, Zamalek has the right to play the game with any team of youngsters, but on the condition that they have formal signed contracts as professional players with the team, and are not among the amateur players.

There are players in the lists of youth and youth teams in Egyptian clubs, but they bear the “hobbyist” character on the cards that are extracted from the Egyptian Football Association, and they are not entitled to participate in the match.

Therefore, Zamalek has formed a team of several different age stages, to exclude amateurs from the list of confrontation is not announced so far.

As for the players who hold the status of “professional” in their cards from the Football Association, all of them are entitled to be present and playing the match naturally.

Observers of the match, who are currently in the Cairo International Stadium, must review all cards present with Zamalek players, to allow those who qualify as a professional to take part in the confrontation.


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