Echo Country: Rania Youssef, Queen of Controversy


The artist always leads Raniya Yousif The famous Google search engine because of her bold statements, the last of which was during her solutions on the program of the secrets of the stars with the media Angie Ali last Thursday.

In the next report, we monitor statements by Rania Youssef, which put her in trouble and made her trend again and again.

I am polite

Rania Youssef said that her upbringing at the Sisters School made her a shy and polite person who could not obtain her right. Follow-up: “The first one couldn’t know.

Backstage dance:

Rania appeared dancing with Angie Ali, dancing to the tunes of the song “Step” by artist Mustafa Hajjaj, to spark the atmosphere in the scenes of the episode.

-Artificial Vaccination :

Rania Youssef was one of the stars of the Miss Farah series, whose story revolves around a girl who is artificially inoculated in order to become pregnant without getting married.

The strange thing is Rania Youssef’s answer about her situation if her daughter was subjected to a similar situation and she was mistakenly vaccinated, a list: “A normal ward takes place” during one of the TV interviews.

Rania Youssef’s husbands:

Rania Youssef expressed remorse for her three marriages, saying in an interview with the Arab Wood program: “I am forgetting the night of my marriage to them.”

It is noteworthy that the actress Rania Youssef got married three times, and she was the first wife of the producer, Mohamed Mokhtar, and she gave birth to her two daughters Nancy and Yasmine, and she lasted with him for about 12 years, while she separated with him in 2011. Rania married the businessman Karim El Shabrawy, for only 4 months, then she married From businessman Tariq Azab, they separated in 2018.


Rania Youssef admitted that she was harassed in the street, adding: “I was harassed in the street, and I was in a public place, and I tried to forget.”


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