El Gouna defeats the Tigris Valley with a goal in deadly time … and a loyalty shot from its players during the celebration


The first football team of El Gouna Club managed to achieve its second successive victory in the league championship, and its fifth in the competition so far, at the expense of its counterpart, Wadi Degla.

Wadi Degla was a guest on El Gouna on Tuesday evening as part of the 16th round of the Premier League.

The guests started the match well, took control of the ball, reached dangerous areas, and the Tigris Valley players wasted some dangerous opportunities that would have put them in front, but they failed to reach the net of Islam Tariq El-Gouna goalkeeper, so that the first half of the match ended in a negative tie without Goals.

The same performance continued in the second half, but with a noticeable improvement in El Gounas performance, until they managed to score the first goal in the fatal time by Walter Poualia, who scored the winning goal for his team in the 88th minute of the match.

Alan Kiambadi made a wonderful pass from the left side until he reached the valley of the Tigris Valley and then passed the ball to Walter Bwalya, who had no difficulty placing it in the window of Mohamed Abdel Monsef, to lead his team to a new victory in the league.

The El-Gouna players went to the banner with the portrait of Khaled Bishara, the chairman of the team that died last Friday in a traffic accident, and they saluted him in a wonderful fulfillment shot.

The meeting witnessed the declaration of the referee Nader Kamar Al Dawla, four yellow cards, with two cards for each team, as Akram Tawfiq and Serge Aka were warned from El Gouna, while Ahmed Saeed and Hussam Arafat from Wadi Degla received two warnings.

This victory is the second in a row that El Gouna succeeds in achieving in the league, after the team beat Al-Masry in its last match with two goals versus one goal.

With this victory, El Gounas balance rose to the eighteenth point, and he rose to eleventh place in the Premier League ranking table, while on the other side, the balance of Wadi Degla stopped at the fourteenth point in the fourteenth place in the ranking table.


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