Emirates suspends all flights with China, except for those coming from Beijing


Emirates suspends all flights with China, except for Beijing

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The UAE General Authority of Civil Aviation announced today, Monday, the suspension of all flights destined for and coming from the People’s Republic of China, except for flights coming from the capital, Beijing, from the date of the fifth of February this year, until further notice, within the framework of the precautionary measures undertaken by the Emirates To confront a virus ”Sk” the new.

According to the official Emirates News Agency, the General Authority of Civil Aviation stipulated that all arrivals from Beijing International Airport be subject to accurate and advanced preventive medical examinations that are applied at the airport to ensure the safety of passengers before they board the aircraft in a procedure that may take 6-8 hours.

The authority said in a statement issued today, that the decision to suspend flights came after studying and analyzing the current conditions around the spread of the virus in China In coordination with the international bodies, and in cooperation with all concerned national authorities, represented by the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management, the Ministry of Health, Community Protection, Union Aviation and the Emirates.

It is reported that all incoming flights to the Chinese Wuhan, which is the focus of the “Corona” virus, were stopped in advance of more than a week.

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