Ending Karton’s knot and superiority .. 5 features of Zamalek win


Zamalek team achieved a valuable victory at the expense of Ismaili, two goals to one goal in a meeting between the two teams at the “Ismailia” stadium within the summit of the seventeenth week of the league competition.

The win made Zamalek close to second place, which is currently occupied by the Arab Contractors team, one point ahead of the sons of Mit Oqba, and Al-Abyad, who owns 31 points, became 8 points away from Al-Ahly, but the latter played 13 games in the local championship currently, compared to 15 games for Al-Abyad.

“Yalla Koura” reviews the most prominent features of Zamalek’s victory over Ismaili:

End node:

Zamalek was able to end a knot that spanned 14 years during the history of its matches against Ismaili in Ismailia, where the last victory for the white knight on the “Al-Darawish” stadium in 2006 after winning an unanswered goal came through Magdy Atwa.

Zamalek played 7 games on the Ismailia stadium, during which he lost on four occasions, against three draws.

Obama Repeats His Excellence:

Youssef Ibrahim “Obama” has the highest record in terms of scoring against Ismaili in terms of league teams, where the Zamalek playmaker was able to score five goals in the yellow team.

“Obama” signed his fourth goal in the Zamalek shirt in front of Ismaili, and also scored a goal with Al-Ittihad in the season (2015 – 2016) at that time.

Alaas full mark:

Until now, Zamalek defender Mahmoud Alaa has the full mark in terms of penalty kicks after he managed to implement his fourth kick this season.

Alaa – the scorer for Zamalek last season – with 15 goals, he managed to score against Enppi, Pyramids, the Border Guard and finally against Ismaili.

Absent number since 2016:

Frenchman Patrice Carteron, the current coach of Zamalek, played three games against Al-Ismaili, one game with Al-Ahly last season, and two games with Wadi Degla in the season (2015-2016).

Carteron has not beaten Al-Ismaili since January 2016, when the Al-Dajlawi team surpassed the goal in the 16th week of the first round of the league competition.

In the second round, Wadi Degla received a loss from Al-Ismaili with two goals without a response before the French achieved the result of a tie against Al-Safar with Al-Ahly (1-1) in the first round of the first round.

Be prepared to hold on hold:

During the current month, Zamalek will play a number of strong matches, both locally and in Africa, as Al-Abyad will face his opponent, Esperance in the African Super in Doha, next Friday.

Zamalek will finish his African mission temporarily by facing Al-Ahly twice in the Egyptian Super on February 20 in the UAE, then 24 in Cairo in a postponed match from the fourth week in the league.

The Confederate champion in the last version will return to the African journey to face Esperance in Cairo at the end of this month, in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the African Champions League, before the confrontation renewed in the return position in early March next, and the determination of one of the 6 or 7.

Zamalek is now following a steady pace, specifically after his return from Angola after playing the Primero de Augusto match, where Al Abyad was able to beat the Border Guards (2-0) and then Ismaili (2-1).


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