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The appeal of the Turkish president to NATO to intervene on his side in the military conflict in the Syrian north around the Idlib governorate is very strange, as Turkey does not face aggression in which it needs to support the allies, but the Turkish army is the one that attacks the Syrian land and its mechanisms and armor are still flowing across the border to confront The Syrian army, which in recent days made remarkable field progress and finally succeeded in controlling the Aleppo-Damascus road. The condemnation of the Turkish aggression on Syrian soil has nothing to do with the position of Bashar al-Assad, just as the fear of the Idlib governorate’s population flowing into the Turkish borders is something that no one but Erdogan himself has put his country in this position when he opened his borders to organize al-Nusra and upcoming jihadi groups From Central Asia and from Chinese Turkestan, which formed what is called the Free Syrian Army and supplied its militias with weapons in order to impose a new reality that works in its favor on Syrian soil, and now that the militias have failed to repel the attack of the Syrian regime forces and continued their withdrawal from Khan Sheikhoun, Ma`rat al-Numan and finally I will watch the president Turkish forces push to prevent the advance of the Syrian forces. And I think that Turkish intervention at this time is completely unhelpful to the consequences, and it would have been successful if it had been previously when the international and regional situation was different before the advent of Russian forces and before the heavy Iranian intervention and when Erdogan’s allies in the Gulf were providing him with money and takfiri volunteers and when the army The Syrian, sleazy, is gathering his body parts and losing a new part of the earth every day, and the PKK has not documented its alliance with the Americans, and the situation inside Turkey was more coherent and compatible with the Erdogan dream before the opposition intensified and opposed all its steps internally and externally.

The whole situation is regrettable, and the victims are the children of the Syrian people, and the Russian aviation does not care about the lives of civilians in its endeavor to enable the army of Bashar to recover the areas that the terrorist organizations have taken control of. By removing the terrorists from Idlib in order to open the international road, and I imagine that the Turkish president has suffered a rupture between the implementation of his pledges and his protection for the takfiris over the past years, because he understands that neglecting his militia may lose his credibility among them and leave him without support on Syrian soil. Also reflected on his influence in Libya. The options are now narrow for Erdogan, and the temptation to use his army forcefully in Syria may be a Russian-American trap, especially as he understands that NATO will provide him with only verbal support and also realizes that the weapon that Russia lent to Bashar al-Assad in his confrontations with Israel will be very available if the enemy He is Turkey!

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