Error message to all galaxy phones .. and Samsung apologize


Late last night, Samsung sent a strange notice to all Galaxy phone users around the world, which sparked controversy on social media platforms about the truth of this notice.

The notice was in the form “1 1” and was received from the “Find My Mobile” application that was previously installed in the phone.

Clicking on the notification automatically erases it without any subsequent actions being followed, but specialists have noticed that the battery usage was abnormally high as a result of using the “Find My Mobile” application, which was also confirmed by some Twitter users.

It is not clear whether the battery problem is related to the wrong notification sent by Samsung.

A few hours after the notice appeared, and many theories and rumors spread. The UK branch of Samsung issued a tweet in which he apologized for sending the notice and stated that it had occurred as a result of an unintended error and was sent during an internal test.


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