Facebook Lite gets dark mode on Android


Facebook has introduced a new update to the Facebook Lite application, which provided through the “dark mode” to users all over the world, where many applications go to support users with this feature in the application interface, and today the Facebook Lite application joins the applications that provide this feature, after having The feature is already spotted by a group of users in version 181 of the app.

According to the Chinese gizchina site, Facebook has presented during the last period the dark situation for users of the WhatsApp application, and again, Facebook has provided the dark mode of the Facebook Lite application before the feature is available to the main application, as the feature is still in a pilot phase until now.

The Dark Mode feature is now available for Facebook Lite users in global markets, to join the features of the application, which is the best to support users in areas with slow connections to the Internet, as it provides a fast and smooth performance experience, and the application also occupies a smaller capacity on smartphones compared to the original application.

The dark situation has been monitored in update 181 of the Facebook Lite application by some users, while the feature began to expand from today on many of the application users in version 186, and users will be able to participate in the pilot program to test the new features in the application via Google Play.

On the other hand, recent reports revealed that the American company “Facebook” is preparing to launch a new application dedicated to pictures similar to the famous “Pinterest” application, and according to the American engadget site, Facebook is preparing to test a new application under the name “Hobby” to save and arrange photos, as it helps The new Facebook application to document and remember the things a person prefers, including photos.

It is possible through the new “Hobby” application that the person saves his photos and organizes them into groups or albums, so that those who search for cooking images can enter for example to find his pictures easily, as well as those who search for fitness pictures for example, but the reports did not reveal if it was Facebook Facebook will make those images available to all users or will it be personal to everyone.


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