FilGoal | News | 22 fiery days awaiting Zamalek .. White faces Esperance and Al-Ahly 5 times


Zamalek is awaiting 22 fiery days after the African Champions League draw ceremony, which resulted in its confrontation with Tunisias Esperance in the quarter-finals.

And if there is no delay in the league meeting in the league, Zamalek is waiting for five difficult confrontations, respectively, starting with Esperance and ending with the Tunisian team.

Zamalek will travel to Qatar to meet Esperance for the African Super Cup title on February 14th.

From Qatar, Zamalek will travel to the Emirates to face Al-Ahly for the local Super Cup title on the 20th of this month.

After only four days, Zamalek will face Al Ahly again, but this time in the league in the postponed meeting from the first round.

After that, Zamalek will have to meet Esperance on February 28 or 29 in Egypt in the first leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals.

Finally, Zamalek concludes its fiery matches by meeting Esperance in Tunisia in the second leg of the quarter-final, on the fifth or sixth of next March.

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