FilGoal | News | A source close to Ekrami reveals to Al Joule the fact that he signed for Pyramids … and a surprise in Al Ahly


News spread that Al-Ahly goalkeeper Sharif Ekrami signed his three-year contract transfer to Pyramids, so what is the truth?

A source close to my homage replied to, saying: “All of that news is totally incorrect.”

“Ikrami stressed all his current focus with Al-Ahly on completing the local and CAF Champions League matches.”

He added, “Ikrami will not determine anything concerning his future until after the end of the current season.”

The source expressed his surprise at the spread of these news before confronting Al-Ahly and Mamelodi Sun Downs and said: “This is an important period for Al-Ahly and suddenly this news is spread in order to destabilize the team.”

A surprise in Al-Ahly

In the same vein, the possibility of staying my gratitude or not in Al-Ahly has become equal despite his announcement to leave Al-Ahmar earlier.

The source said: “There is a session that will collect my tip with Al-Ahly officials during the month of March to resolve the possibility of his staying in the team and not leaving him.”

He concluded, “Al-Ahly’s links during the recent period prevented that session from being held, so there will be a prospective meeting between the two parties to discuss the possibility of the guard remaining with the team.”

It is worth noting that an ex gratia contract with Al-Ahly ends at the end of the current season and is entitled to transfer to any other team in a free transfer deal.

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