FilGoal | News | Actor Sun Dawns: Last season’s match will not be repeated … We prefer to play the mass confrontations


Sun Ali, representative of SunDowns in the African Champions League draw, believes that the results of last season between Al-Ahly and the South African team will not be repeated again.

Al-Ahly hosts Sun Downs in Egypt and then hosts the South African champion.

The representative of the South African club said: “The biggest percentage was that we would come to Egypt, with 66.6% being to face Al-Ahly or Zamalek in the quarter-finals.”

He continued, speaking on On Sport channel, “The technical staff has started preparing for the match from now on.”

He added about facing Al-Ahly and the events of last season, “The match of last season will not be repeated again. Everything is possible and the rise is a legitimate right.”

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Al-Ahly lost the first leg by five, without a response, in the heaviest defeat of the team in the African championships, and they went away with a clean goal.

He added, “Personally, I am Ahlawi, I did not wish to face Al-Ahly, but we have to deal with the issue now.”

In response to which one preferred the technical staff to face it before the drawing of lots, “the technical staff prefers to play the match in the Jamahiriya against opponents.”

“I don’t think that Dennis means this, he is just kidding and he didn’t mean anything,” he said.

The first leg will be held in Egypt on Sunday 28 or 29 February, while the second leg in South Africa will be on Sunday, 6 or 7 March.

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