FilGoal | News | Al-Saeed: I do not hate the fans of Al-Ahly … and I was not a corrupt element in the club


Pyramids player Abdullah Al-Saeed revealed that he does not have any negative feelings towards the fans of his former Al-Ahly club.

Al-Saeed stated while hosting the channel (On Sport), saying: “I gave everything I had during my time in Al-Ahly, I was not a corrupt element, and I did not mistake anyone.”

He added, “As for the other details, this is football, I do not carry anything for myself, I do not hate anyone, and I hope that no one hates me. I did not hate the fans of Al-Ahly and before Ismaili.”

He continued, “This is my thinking, my life, and my future, and I think of my way in a way that does not offend, annoy, or offend anyone. Each of us thinks about his future in his own way.”

“The fans love her club, and if a player is gone, you see that he has made a mistake, things are going, and no one is standing, man will not get everything, the circumstances may go well with the fans, and they may be reflected.”

Abdullah Al-Saeed pointed out, “I was walking properly, and circumstances have occurred, each side sees it from its point of view, and I do not like to talk much about this issue.”

Regarding the competition for the league title, Al-Saeed replied, “Al-Ahly is psychologically determined, it is difficult for a team that used to compete for tournaments to fall once.”

He added, however, that “I consider Pyramids as a competitor for the title as long as the difference in points permits, everything is contained in football, and I speak with my colleagues in this regard, there are certain messages that players do not absorb or may not convey to them, as well as their preoccupation with other matters outside the stadium’s borders” .

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