FilGoal | News | BENETITH: My team’s training amid Corona virus concerns? I have never encountered anything like this throughout my career


Under the sun in the Spanish city of Marbella, Rafa Benitez gathers the players of his Chinese Dalian Professional team (the team was recently renamed), in a circle around it, at half past ten in the morning for the start of the morning training.

“It is important for us to have the mentality that we are a team that learn from each other and help each other and work together. We cannot think individually, we work as a team and develop as a team.” Rafa Benitez to his players before the start of training.

The Spanish coach went to Liverpool on January 21 to visit his family there. At that time, China was celebrating the New Year’s holiday, then he met his players in Spain early this month. On the other hand, the Corona virus had started to appear before China took steps to combat it, then the World Health Organization and all countries.

Until the moment Benitez met his players, there was no sign of a travel ban or tightening of local authorities toward travelers to and from China yet, but after the sirens sounded? The situation changed completely.

The Chinese League season begins on February 22 but has been postponed to April, but no one knows if it will resume again or not, and one of the well-known coaches in Europe who culminated in a number of titles in the old continent, most notably the Champions League, is currently in limbo. Spain with his Chinese team.

Benitez held an interview with “The Athletic”, which will transmit to you in full, on his dealings with his players during the spread of the Coruna virus and with the existing restrictions from all over.

“I have not experienced anything like this throughout my career, usually you know when the season starts and you have match dates and when to play, but we are waiting, of course you understand the logic of those decisions after the news about the virus, which changed everything, we are taking a preparatory round but in very strange circumstances.” Beneth.

“People suffer in China, and our hearts are with them. What we must do is continue to do our job and wait for the decisions of the government and the authorities.”

“The situation is very difficult for players, who want to see their families, to rest assured that they are fine, so I have to talk and explain all the time that this is a very special situation.”

So far, more than 1,400 people have died from the virus, and nearly 60,000 people have been infected, according to an organization. Most infections in China have been the focus of the virus.

There are more than 700 miles separating Dalian, the team area, from Wuhan, the region from which the “Corona” began to spread. But under the current circumstances, everyone understands the concerns.

The spread of the virus has postponed the Futsal World Championships and the Grand Prix in Formula One that will not be held in Shanghai in April, and the World Championships in the skating race were canceled and the Ved tennis championships will be held elsewhere and more.

“We measure the temperatures of the players twice a day and periodically monitor them, and there is an antiseptic liquid in all regions around us.” Beneth continues.

“Cleanse fluids accompany us in the hotel and workouts for two weeks now, just to be sure that everything is taken care of, it is a precaution, you can find that everyone is fine as you see, we do everything we can in anticipation only for anything.”

“There is a table tennis table and table to play football and paper games, but the players don’t play much they are tired, at the moment we are calm and try not to move, but in the next few days we will give them some time they will be able to go out for longing or do anything.”

Press reports said earlier that Manchester United had booked the same hotel as the Dalian team, and upon learning of it, the English team changed their reservation.

“We prefer to control everything, we have to adapt quickly, and in the end it is another challenge that I must overcome.” Beneth.

“It is totally different, we learn every day. You have to prepare for solutions in case anything happens. Now the news says that the league will start in April, but that may change again, it may be late for that period a little, we have to be always ready.” With a, b and a third plan. ”

“If circumstances change again, you should be ready. The only thing I will say and I’m sure, is that this is another experience that will develop me as a coach.”

Benitez took over as coach of Dalian Pro in the summer of 2019, winning 7 games and losing 7 times, equaling 3 times, his team scored 31 goals and receiving 32.

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