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Ashraf Bnashriqi – Zamalek – Border Guards – Egyptian League

Moroccan international Ashraf Benchriki, star of Zamalek, spoke after his team crowned the African Super Cup at the expense of Esperance, noting that “this is just the beginning.”

Zamalek defeated Tunisian Esperance well and deservedly with three goals in exchange for a goal in an exciting meeting held in Qatar. (See details)

Benchriki shine and scored two goals to lead his team to the fourth super title in its history.

And Bencharqi said: “Thank God for the victory. Congratulations to all the fans of Zamalek.”

“He is very proud to play with the Zamalek shirt.

“This is just the beginning. The next one is better for Zamalek. We will win many more titles.”

He continued his speech by saying: “Victory is thanks to the efforts of all Zamalek players, not just one player.”

Zamalek defeated Tunisian Esperance 3-0 in a sensational and fiery match in the African Super.

The Zamalek trilogy came through Youssef Ibrahim “Obama”, Ashraf Bnachriqi and Ferjani Sassi.

While the only goal of Esperance came by Abdul Raouf Bin Ghaith from the penalty mark.

The African Super title is the fourth in the history of Zamalek, and what a title on Valentine’s Day.

Zamalek gave the most beautiful Valentine’s Day gift to his fans. A gift no better for the white knight fans.

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