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Leonard Onet, a Nigerian professional, has moved into the ranks of the Mahalla municipality in the Emirati victory in an official capacity.

Mustafa Al-Shami, the general superintendent of the ball at Al-Mahalla municipality club, told: FilGoal.comOnet was officially transferred to the Emirati team.

He added, “There has been a twinning between the Emirati victory and the municipality of Mahalla. Experience will be exchanged between the coaches during the coming period.”

Al-Shami revealed, “The Emirati victory management admires players in Al-Mahalla Municipality and they will be followed up during the coming period.”

Onet participated with the Hammam club on loan from the municipality last season and was participating in the center.

During the reign of leadership of Reda Abdel-Al in the municipal team, Onet participated in the left-back center to provide a distinguished level.

Al-Shami concluded his remarks, “A delegation from the Emirati victory will visit the club during the coming period to exchange experiences.”

Al-Mahalla municipality is ranked sixth in the ranking of the second-tier table (Bahri Group) with 19 points, 7 points behind the top.

The UAE victory is sixth in the UAE league with 24 points, 12 points behind leaders of Al Ahly Dubai.

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