FilGoal | News | Liverpool youth coach explains the role Milner played with young Reds


Liverpool youth coach Nea Critchley extensively praised veteran James Milner who strongly supported his team in a Chorusbury Town match for the FA Cup on Tuesday.

Liverpool qualified with the youth team to the price of the FA Cup final at the expense of Chorusbury Town by winning 1-0 in the fourth round replay.

“Milner trained us with us on the night of the confrontation and asked me to attend the match with the team, and of course I agreed,” Kritchley said in comments highlighted by his club’s website.

“He is a very respectful person, and he asked me about the possibility of entering the dressing room with the players, and on my part I definitely gave my approval.”

“He had a lot of success and had a lot of experience, so he was giving advice to players and guiding them, and I am very grateful to him.”

“Milner was very happy with the players performance in the match, and I would like to thank him very much for his support, “Liverpool youth coach said.

Liverpool played the youth team in the absence of the first team and coach Juergen Klopp.

With that, Liverpool face Chelsea in the final price due to be held next March.

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