FilGoal | News | Morteza to his players: Al-Ahly is not a bad man, and Feiler is good for the referees. They won to prove what is happening in Egypt.


Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Zamalek Club, sent messages to his team players before facing Al-Ahly in the Egyptian Super.

Murtada Mansour said to his players: “Esperance is 100 times stronger than Al-Ahly and you succeeded in defeating Esperance.”

He added during his appearance on the Zamalek channel, “Do not spoil your joy in winning the African Super Title, not to win against Al-Ahly. Show the same will and spirit and you will win against Al-Ahly.”

“Al-Ahly is not a bogeyman. They beat them to prove that they are winning in Egypt with foreign aid.”

He continued his speech by saying: “No to the fear of Al-Ahly. I give Zamalek foreign rulers and video technology and we will not lose any championship.”

Mortada Mansour sees “Filler coach” as very rigid, “but the referees. They defeated Al-Ahly to prove that they won the rulers in Egypt.”

He pointed out, “All the championships that Zamalek recently won were with foreign refereeing.”

And he added, “We lost the last super meeting against Al-Ahly because of the poor formation in the beginning, and when every player returned to his normal position we scored two goals and wasted Al-Ahly time until the end of the game.”

Zamalek is preparing to meet Al-Ahly next Thursday in the Emirates in the Egyptian Super.

Zamalek recently crowned the African Super Cup at the expense of Esperance, after winning 3-1.

You can choose the formation of Zamalek at the top of the super here

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