FilGoal | News | Muhammad Fadl: I am very sad about Al-Ahly’s statement against me, and I am the cause of the sanctions against Murtada


Mohamed Fadl, a member of the quinquennial committee in the Egyptian Football Association, expressed his deep sorrow at Al-Ahly’s statement against him because it was “not true at all.”

Al-Ahly issued a lengthy statement, in which it revealed its complete rejection of the sanctions imposed by the Egyptian Football Association, and its escalating steps.

“The Abu Dhabi Sports Channel, which has the rights to transfer the match, officially stated that it was not presented to the Egyptian Football Association, nor to any official,” the statement said. (See details)

Muhammad Fadl said: “I am very sad about Al-Ahly’s statement against me.”

“I swear to God, and the mercy of my son, everything that was written is not true at all,” he added in his comments on On Sport.

“I spoke with Mahmoud Al-Khatib – President Al-Ahly – and I told him that we received the videos of the match from Abu Dhabi, and perhaps the president of Al-Ahly misunderstood his statements and I think I mean the Abu Dhabi channel. We received the videos from the Abu Dhabi Council.”

Fadl replied to the question, “Was it really the reason for the punishment against Mortada Mansour?” Saying, “Yes, that’s right.”

He explained, “The President of Zamalek talked about me completely unacceptable, and he went out of the text against me and against the Five-Year Committee.”

He also added, “He also deviated from the text against Fatima Samura – FIFA Secretary inside K – and against Gianni Infantino – FIFA President -“.

He revealed, “The International Federation inquired from me previously about the insulting statements of Murtada against the President of the Federation and Fatima Samora. I write periodically my reports to FIFA because we are a designated committee from the International Federation.”

“Murtada Mansour is a jurist and he should be more than one who respects the law,” he added.

And the Committee of Values ​​and Discipline in the Egyptian Football Association issued its penalties against Al-Ahly and Zamalek after the events of the Egyptian Super. (Find out all the decisions here)

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