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Mamelodi coach Sun Downs, Petso Musimane, believes that the result of the Al-Ahly match made his team difficult in the second leg, but he promised a different match in Pretoria.

Al-Ahly beat Mamelodi Sun Downs 2-0 at Cairo Stadium, in the first leg of the African Champions League quarter-final.

Musimani said at the press conference after the meeting: “We did not wish that the match would end with this result, especially as we are playing against a respectable team like Al-Ahly.”

“We had many problems during the meeting. The second goal made our second game very difficult.”

Musimani explained, “The task of balancing the result in South Africa will certainly be difficult for us.”

The South African coach followed, “We congratulate Al-Ahly because it was a good team and gave a good match. My team’s performance differed in the second half from the first.”

Musaimani followed, “In the first half, we managed to stop the danger of Ahmed Fathi and Ali Maaloul at noon Al-Ahly, but in the second half the matter differed and we received two goals.”

“Al-Ahly’s penalty kick is not correct. Our player Ricardo Nascimento told us that,” he added.

Musimani continued, “We played the way we can apply them, just as Al-Ahly did, but Al-Ahly took advantage of the long balls, relying on Afsha and Ali Maaloul.”

Musaimani believes, “I think the outcome would have been completely different if we took advantage of the early opportunities that we had and scored a goal.”

South Africa announced the challenge: “Playing in Pretoria (intended for return) will be different. Ask Wydad, Taraji and Mazembe.”

Musaimani continued, “Al-Ahly is different from last year … I see in front of me a European veteran coach, I disappear before him because of his autobiography.”

“If I said that I would not be able to beat Al Ahly, I would leave the SunDown training. As for compensation, everything is possible.”

Al-Ahly will meet Sun Downs next Saturday in South Africa during the return leg. A game in which Al-Ahly needs to avoid losing by just three to reach the semi-finals.

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