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The Zamalek camp, dedicated to the summit match against Al-Ahly, ended on Monday after the team players left the hotel to return to their homes.

And knowing That Zamalek players left the hotel after the club management asked them to do so after its decision not to complete the Egyptian Premier League championship in protest against the five-member committee marching to the Egyptian Football Association.

The management notified the players that there was training at the club’s headquarters on Monday morning.

Zamalek objected to the Football Association penalties against him after the events of the Egyptian Super match, which the team won over its traditional rival Al-Ahly on penalties on Thursday in Abu Dhabi.

Zamalek was supposed to face Al-Ahly in the Cairo Stadium in a postponed meeting from the fourth round of the Egyptian League, but the first administration decided not to complete the championship.

After an unfortunate quarrel with the end of the super that Zamalek settled in on penalties in Abu Dhabi, the Football Association imposed severe penalties on players that the two clubs did not accept.

AndAl-Ahly rejected the decisions of the Football Association in an official statement He decided to complain about the Provisional Committee to FIFA, while Zamalek decided not to complete the League Championship if the Committee continued its work.

Al-Ahly revealed He will go to Cairo Stadium on Monday for the top game. (the details)

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