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Olivier Giroud – Chelsea – Tottenham – English Premier League

Student Frank Lampard dedicated the node to his teacher, Jose Mourinho, and won the third victory in 3 confrontations between them, and for the second time this season.

Chelsea reiterated their victory in the 18th round, and won 2-2 against Tottenham at the opening of the 27th round of the English Premier League at Stamford Bridge.

Lampard first defeated Mourinho despite the different shirts, imposing a tie in the English League Cup and then extending the Manchester United derby to a penalty shootout.

Chelsea maintained the fourth position and expanded the difference with Tottenham to 4 points, after raising his score to 44 points compared to 40 points for Tottenham.

Lampard owes his surprise in today’s match in a victory over Tottenham in the derby, Olivier Giroud takes part for the first time since November 30 and Marcos Alonso has not played since the beginning of any meeting since last December against Tottenham as well, both of whom scored.

And Ross Barclay has been back to form the blues since January 11th, in return, Mourinho preferred to change his plan and start as 5-3-2 to face the absence and pressure of matches, and Delly Ally rested on the bench.

Description of the meeting

The pulse period between the two parties ended after 10 minutes from the start of the match, Lucas Mora after a three-pass pass with Ndumbele and Lucas Mora hit a strong ball against the goal of Willie Capiero, who dealt with it strongly and kept his goal out.

Two minutes later, Chelsea began threatening Tottenham’s goal, an interstate from Reyes James to Mason Mount, who had fired a missile from inside the penalty area, which Lawrence drove away.

Ross Barclay fired in the 14th minute next to the post of Hugo Lloris, marking the outbreak of the match and because “Thalt Tabet” came the goal of the third attempt after 3 shots in one attack.

A shot from Jiro was blocked by Loris and then followed by Ross Barclay, his ball hit the post, returning to Jiro, who deposited the ball in the net, announcing the first goal after a quarter of an hour had passed.

Although he did not participate in the first place, Gero in the last 14 games participated in 14 goals in the industry through 4 assists and 10 goals, and with him Chelsea did not lose when Gero scored at Stamford Bridge.

The first half became a contest between the two parties without serious attempts on either side’s goal.

In the second half, Chelsea surprised the guests with an early second goal after 3 minutes, a pass from Mount to Barclay which passed to Alonso who scored directly in the goal to the left of Loris.

In the 52nd minute, referee Mark Atkinson returned to video technology to review Giovanni Lu Celsos intervention on Cesar Azbelicuetta, who refused to expel the Argentine.

Tammy Abraham in the 71st minute replaced instead of the Frenchman, a cross from Cesar Azbelicotta to the young Englishman who hit a weak ball when he caught Loris and the attacker hit the post.

Giovanni Lu Celso continued his strong interventions, but the referee famously showed the yellow card in the face the third time after an error against Mount on the borders of the Duke penalty area in the 81st minute.

Marcus Alonso almost scored his second goal of the match with a fixed kick, but the crossbar fought for her instead of Loris, who is playing his 250th Premier League match today.

In the last breaths of the meeting, substitute Eric Lamilla tried to send a cross, but she crashed into the foot of Anthony Rodriger and turned into the Capiero net, narrowing the difference to one goal.

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