FilGoal | News | The Solshire knot continues and writes what never happened before .. United defeats Chelsea


Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solshire continued to cement his contract for Chelsea and his coach Frank Lampard and scored a new victory for the Glaucoma.

United defeated Chelsea at Stamford Bridge stadium with two goals without a response today, Monday, in round 26 of the English Premier League.

The goals of the match were scored by Anthony Marcial and Harry Maguire with two heads in the 45th and 66th minutes.

Thanks to that victory, United’s balance increased to 38 points, taking them in seventh place, three points behind fourth-placed Chelsea.

Since Solshire took over at United, he has met Chelsea five times in all competitions, winning four games and drawing in only one.

The two teams met this season only three times, twice in the league and once in the Professional League Club Cup, and United won them all.

This is the first time since the start of the Premiership era in 1992 that United beat Chelsea back and forth in the same season.

The match was marked by an arbitration after Chelsea objected to Harry Maguire not being sent off due to his strong interference in Mitchie Patchway.

This is in addition to eliminating two Chelsea goals scored by Kurt Zuma and Olivier Giroud.

The first goal was canceled due to a batch by Azpeliquita to Brandon Williams before Zuma scored the goal.

The second goal was for an infiltration of Jiro.

Late goal and arbitration provocation

The match started calmly and there were not many dangerous chances on any goal.

In the sixth minute, Reese James hit a powerful creeping ball that passed just outside the United goal.

In the 13th minute, Ngulu Kanti was injured and had to move out, Mason Mount participated in his place.

Chelsea demanded that McGuire be dismissed because he strongly interfered with Patchway, but the ruling did not count.

Marcial hit the ball with his left foot and went past the Chelsea goal.

In the 45th minute, Aaron and One Pissaka doubled his counterpart Willian twice, sending a cross around Marcel, with a beautiful header in the net, to announce the first goal for United.

A header kills the game

The second half started with pressure from Chelsea, who was searching for a draw, but without danger, against De Gea.

In the 57th minute, Zuma scored the equalizer, but the video technique was canceled due to a batch by Azpeliquita to Brandon Williams before Zuma scored the goal.

And while Chelsea dominated, United almost doubled the result after Bruno Fernandez fired a brilliant ball with his right kick from the free kick, but the post hit it.

Seconds later, Fernandez sent in a wonderful cross kick from the left, around which McGuire headed his head into the net.

In the 77th minute, Giro trimmed the result with a first goal for Chelsea, but again the video technique was canceled due to an attack on the French striker.

Alternative Odeon Ijalo scored the third goal for United in his first appearance with the team, but Willie Cabiero tackled it.

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