Filming for “Prisoner 760” movie in Mauritania is complete


February 20, 2020 – 00:09

Mohamedou Ould Slahi (left) with the righteous actors, and Taher who represented him during the film (from the page of the bar)
News (Nouakchott) – The last scenes of the movie “Prisoner 760” in Mauritania, which deals with the story of the former Mauritanian prisoner at Guantanamo Mohamedou Salahi prison, were completed yesterday night.

The shooting was supervised by a Hollywood crew led by British director Kevin MacDonald.

The Minister of Trade and Tourism Sayed Ahmed Ould Mohamed received a Hollywood mission represented by the director of the film and the producer in his office to help them coordinate their work with the ministries and directing them to discover the tourism and natural potential in our country for cinema service. According to a summary published by the Ministry.

A number of Mauritanian actors, chosen by the director to perform roles in the film, will participate in the film, including the young, well-known Mohammedin, who embodies his role during his childhood, before completing the French actor of Algerian origin. Taher Rahim, the rest of the role.

The film is based on the book, which was published by Ould Slahi from inside Iguantanamo prison, and titled: “Diary of Iguantanamo”. It was translated into many languages, and sales were recorded in many regions of the world.


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