For the first time … an Israeli plane crosses the Sudanese airspace


For the first time, an Israeli plane crossed over the Sudanese airspace, less than two weeks after the meeting of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Chairman of the Sudanese Sovereign Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan.

The Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported on Sunday that an Israeli jet plane (M-ABGG) took off early last week from Israel heading to Kinshasa airport, the capital of the Republic of the Congo, and returned at the end of the week to the Israeli Ben Gurion Airport after passing through the Sudanese airspace.

The newspaper pointed out that the proof informed Netanyahu during their meeting in the Ugandan city of Entebbe on February 3 that his country would allow the passage of Israeli aircraft in its airspace, except for the aircraft of El Al, the Israeli national carrier.

In several previous cases, Israeli aircraft passed through the airspace of Sudan, but were forced to stop in Amman or elsewhere so that the flight was not recorded as an Israeli flight, according to the same source.

According to Yediot, the aforementioned jet does not have an Israeli permit number, but its registered base is at Ben Gurion Airport.

And broadcast data indicates that the plane took off from Israel to the Congo on Monday evening, in a path that passed over the Suez Canal, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, which takes about 7 hours.

On the way back, the Israeli plane flew over the Sudanese airspace, with a route passing through Congo, Central Africa, Sudan and Egypt, which took 5 and a half hours.

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