For the second time .. the wedding of the Queen’s granddaughter was postponed due to Prince Andrew’s scandal.


Princess Beatrice, granddaughter, was forced
Queen of Britain to postpone her wedding for the second time, because of the link between her father, “Andrew”,
The sexual scandals of American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, whose body was found suicide
Inside his prison last August. And Prince Harry and his wife Megan decide to step down
Property.The Sun newspaper quoted
The British about informed sources, “Beatrice” (31 years), and her fiance “Edo.”
Mabelle, 36, will marry on May 29, when a reception is scheduled
At Buckingham Palace, but the wedding venue has not been confirmed.

Sources said: “The decision was repeatedly postponed
Over and over because of the problems, but in the end they have something they intend to go forward for. lhave
The Queen asked everyone to meet to unite the family. ”

Officials hope to Buckingham Palace
To portray the Beatrice wedding as the grand event that reunites the family
one more time.

She added: “The helpers know this will be
A difficult task, not only saving the wedding, but perhaps the property’s reputation. ”

Princess “Beatrice” is planning to order
Make charitable donations instead of receiving gifts.

Princess Beatrice, Princess of York, is the prince’s daughter
Andrew, Duke of York, granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and her husband, Duke of Edinburgh
Former Prince Philip. And her mother is Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.

She was born in Portland Hospital on the date of August 8
From 1988, the fifth granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, was named after Princess Beatrice
The youngest daughter of Queen Victoria and she and her sister Princess Eugenie are the only two granddaughters of the Queen
With the title Princess, she graduated from St. George’s School. Currently she is studying at a university

As a student at the university, the princess does not bear any
Royal responsibilities but participate in charitable events, and are often seen with her mother and sister
The youngest, and although her parents divorced when she was seven years old, she always points out
In her interviews: “We are a happy family, and my parents are very close despite their divorce.”
Beatrice has a long-term relationship with her boyfriend
Former Dave Clarke spanned ten years but separated from him in 2016.

It is reported that the princess appeared in a small role in a movie
(Little Victoria) which tells the story of Queen Victoria.


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