Friday .. cut off water to 5 neighborhoods in Giza for 10 hours


08:09 PM

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Books – Osama Ali:

Giza Governorate announced that it will cut water to a number of neighborhoods, starting from 10 pm tomorrow, Friday, until eight in the morning, Saturday, February 29.

In a statement today, the governorate said that cutting the water will be for the neighborhoods of “South Giza, Talbieh, Al Omraniya, Al Haram, and Bulaq Dakrur”.

She attributed the reason to the implementation of the drinking water and sanitation company maintenance work for the Czech station in the Dahab Island water station, as part of the annual overhaul works.

The governorate appealed to citizens and private and public establishments to manage their drinking water needs during that period, stressing that the Drinking Water and Sewerage Company will provide vehicles loaded with clean water to the affected areas upon request to the emergency number 125.

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