From “Babji” to the Cancer Hospital … The story of “Aladdin and Iyad” is a hadith


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Friday 28 February 2020

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

Everyone faced difficulty in drawing a smile on the face of “Iyad” at his tenth birthday party, because the pain of cancer kept him in a wheelchair and the death of his grandmother months before another shock that the child could not overcome, while his mother and the rest of the family made every effort to delight him with dozens of gifts and a birthday cake in the form of His favorite electronic game, “Babji”, came “Aladdin”, to replace “Iyad” in minutes.

“Masrawy” monitored the story of “Iyad” and his friend “Aladdin”, and spoke to the young man who put a smile on the heart of the young child, during the following lines.

In one of the cafes in Sidi Gaber Beach, east of Alexandria, where the Christmas party is taking place, amazement is over, everyone wonders: “Who is this stranger who managed to restore the smile and happiness of Iyad’s face?”

Child as a champion

Sadness knew his way to the heart of the child “Iyad” when death separated him from his grandmother whom he loved, and he kept asking for her for a long time, asking to see her, even though he knew that whoever dies never returns.

The grief again mended the heart of the young child, but this time it was a ferocious beast accompanied by the pain of a moaning big one, when doctors diagnosed him with active-type bone cancer.

From Alexandria to the branch of the Children’s Cancer Hospital “57357” in Tanta, Al-Saghir faced cancer as an unbeatable hero of chemical doses and surgeries.

Aladdin appears in “Babji”

On the disease bed, “Iyad” plays the role of the warrior, carrying all his weapons, intent on defeating the cancer monster, to find his hero in the famous game “Babji”.

And in the electronic game that requires playing a team, “Iyad” got to know “Aladdin”, 30, from the city of Baltim in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, until he became his best friend despite the age difference between them.

The two friends exchanged mobile phone numbers, and became friends, on the pages of the social networking site “Facebook”, until “Aladdin” learned about Iyad’s illness from a mutual friend between them, and then the friendship shifted from the virtual world to the ground.

Social Media talks about algebra of thoughts

Whoever walked among the people is mind-boggling, which God realized in the midst of dangers … This is how Samira, Iyad’s mother, published her son’s story with his friend on her Facebook page, to receive tens of thousands of admiration and participation signs, and to become a “social media” talk.

Iyad’s mother wrote: “This one is playing with Iyad Babji on the net … Iyad loves him and is very attached to him, and we do not know him, and we have no connection with him … On the day of Iyad’s birthday, he traveled from Kafr El-Sheikh to Alexandria, so that he can make him happy and attend his birthday.”

Another position on Jaber al-Khawatir, narrated by Iyad’s mother: “When Iyad was absent for two days from the Internet, Aladdin called his father to check on him .. At that time his father told him that he is in the hospital to obtain a chemical dose … There is no coverage for the mobile network in his room.”

The mother added that they were surprised by their son’s friend who visited them in the hospital, carrying him “laptop” loaded with toys and films, saying: “He kept him with Iyad until he got out of the hospital so that he could entertain him … Iyad before he came, he was sleeping all the time and his mood was not pleasant.”

Aladdin talking to “Masrawy”

Aladdin Al-Sayyar, 30, from Burullus Tower in Kafr Al-Sheikh Governorate, has been working for years as a “cashier” in a restaurant in Saudi Arabia, and his leave ends soon, so he travels again after completing some visa papers.

“My friendship with Iyad is not a strange topic, this is normal … The day Iyad visited is the happiest day for Leah.” Thus, “Aladdin” told “Masrawy,” noting that he got to know his little friend about a month and a half ago only through a game. Babji. “

Alaaddin recalls when Iyad was asked to help him in performing some tasks within the famous game, saying: “Every time I met him online we were playing with each other until we stayed friends and we exchanged the phone numbers.”

“Iyad loves you very much .. And by the way, he said that he was not online because he was ill with cancer.” Words that Aladdin’s heart beat for grief over his little friend, to decide his visit, but Iyad preceded him and invited him to his birthday.

Aladdin adds: “On Christmas, everyone was surprised by the stranger who changed the state of Iyad and his joy … and we forgot about his grief over the death of his grandmother … My support for Iyad is only moral.”

Aladdin did not expect his story with Iyad to receive all this attention on the social media, pointing out that he asked Iyad’s mother to delete what she wrote on Facebook about his support for Iyad, but she replied to him: “Sepp people claim to heal him.”

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