Fyler announces the absence of Ramadan Sobhy officially in front of Sun Dunes and confirms: I do not know when he will return


Swiss coach Rene Filer, Al-Ahly technical director, stressed the difficulty of meeting Sun Downs in the confrontation that will bring the two teams scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, at Cairo International Stadium, in the away leg of the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

“Feiler” said at the press conference before the upcoming meeting, that he studied the Sun Downs team well and watched a large number of matches of the South African team, and prepared the players well and the coach continued: “Ramadan Sobhi will not participate in the South African Downs match because he is not ready Medical and physical .. I do not know the date of his return. ”

Al-Ahly will host his counterpart Sun Downs at Cairo Stadium, at exactly six oclock on Saturday evening, in the first leg, in the presence of 30 thousand fans of Al-Ahly club, while the second leg will take place at 3 pm on March 7 in South Africa.

While the technical staff of the first football team of the club is scheduled to open Al-Ahly Led by Swiss Rene Weiler the first 15 minutes of the team’s main training session in front of the media tomorrow, Friday, in implementation of the regulations of the African Union in the Champions League. Al-Ahly is scheduled to perform its main training at 4:00 pm tomorrow, Friday, at the Alch Island Stadium in preparation for the match of the South African Sun Downs, in The Champions League quarter-finals, which are scheduled to be held at 6:00 pm, will be gone on Saturday at Cairo Stadium.

The African Union’s regulations for the Champions League stipulate that the media be allowed to attend the first 15 minutes of the main teams ’training before the matches and the team will continue its daily training in preparation for the confrontation against Sun Downs next Saturday, and technical manager Renee Filer continues to hold his sessions with the team players and muster his weapons in order to correct Errors in the performance of the players during the last period, and Fyler assured the Ahly player that the past period witnessed things that he does not wish to repeat from losing a championship and the failure of some players to appear at their level as well as the anger of others as a result of not participating, explaining that he appreciates DDP some result not to participate but can not this anger affects the concentration of the team and that everyone knows that the technical director is the first and the last for his choices in charge and he knows very well the circumstances and needs of the team in every match.


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