Fyler excludes Ashour and Ekrami from facing Sun Downs


Swiss coach Rene Weiler decided to coach the first football teamAlahli football clubHossam Ashour and Sherif Ekrami were eliminated from the team’s red squad to face the South African Sun Downs.

Feiler’s decision to exclude the duo from an artistic point of view, as they will conduct qualifying exercises tomorrow morning at the Mukhtar Elche Stadium in the island’s headquarters.

This comes at a time that was previously decided Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahly Club He assumed the chairmanship of the first team of the South African soccer team in preparation for facing the South African Sun Downs team due on March 7 in the second leg of the 8th round of the African Champions League.

The Al-Ahly delegation is scheduled to fly to South Africa next Sunday evening in order to meet the Sun Downs team in the second leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals.

It is expected that Al-Ahly will host his counterpart Sun Downs in Cairo Stadium, at exactly six oclock on Saturday evening, in the first leg, in the presence of 30 thousand fans of Al-Ahly club, while the second leg will take place at 3 pm on March 7 in South Africa.

The Al-Ahly team, led by Swiss Rene Vyler, continued training at Mukhtar Al-Touch Stadium in the island’s headquarters in preparation for the South African Sun Downs match in the African Champions League. .


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