“Fyler presents a non-existent football” .. 2F8 Guardiola Tansf Al-Ahly


12:02 PM

Sunday 02 February 2020

Books – Ayman Mohamed:

Because Gianni Infantino, president of the International Football Association (FIFA), always talks about arbitration crises in Africa, how to run competitions and his dream of converting the African Champions League into a real African League throughout the season .. And if I asked him about the reason, the answer would be to improve the level of teams in Africa.

(Fyler offers a football that does not exist in Africa) a phrase that I mentioned before and I still insist on it and even if the performance rate decreased as a result of the (nature) of football in African competitions affected by the level of arbitration and the desire of the fans to win regardless of performance with the use of all means that make From football stadium a battlefield, but the important thing in Fyler is that he did not give up the constants.

Feiler started tending something abroad to 4-2-3-1, but with something that serves his ideas that he is trying to apply in 4-3-3 .. I ask you to pay attention, so what is coming you will probably know for the first time.

On 4-2-3-1 you are playing with a double in the pivot axis which looks closer to 6th position and … hey Feiler with the absence of Hamdi Fathi does not play in the 6th position in the first place.

Fyler always wants to play with a free duo behind a pivot. It is closer to 2F8, especially Guardiola, which he created with Man City in a way that has become an inspiration to some and caused a defect in how to differentiate between 4-3-3 and 4-1-4-1.

Because Diang is not anchored, he can play in front of the two defensive hearts, as well as Al-Sulayya, and since Al-Hilal does not play with a player in the depth, he can create chaos in Al-Ahly’s defenses. On the left side and Deyang on the right side, and instead of the pivoting late, Avshah is the advanced pivot so that the interfaces between the defense from the defense to the attack are prevented.

Of course, it is possible to change among themselves during the game, which supports Fyler’s ideas of (decentralization) in the heart axis while the attack line becomes more like a fixed thing that does not present the new. The danger comes from the center of the moving field always .. Why?

Because most of the focus at the time of the match by the coaches will be based on two things, the first is the protection of its penalty area and the second is the threat of the opponent’s goal. Between this and that, the level of focus on the midfield and its moves is declining.

Fyler tried to compensate for the absence of Maaloul by that idea so that Al-Ahly would have an aggressive ferocity from unexpected areas, given that the Crescent would try in various ways to penetrate the Maaloul front, but adding two new elements in the back line in front of a competitor such as Al-Hilal and in circumstances such as yesterday’s conditions were an adventure.

In my opinion, Rami Rabiaa is on his way to becoming a substitute, but it is only a matter of time, and with my knowledge that Fyler is interested in details related to how to centralize and listen to the coach’s instructions carefully and follow-up through periodic reports, a primary role will come next to Yasser in the center of the heart of defense.

Rabia, who is assumed (the speaker) in the back line, who can guide his colleagues in progress and coverage, commits unacceptable mistakes in difficult times .. The idea of ​​increased enthusiasm sometimes breaks the player’s mind from using it properly and a crisis Rabia that his mistake is placed in (elegant framework) affects the outcome The match .. So you will find him, for example, Azzaro in the attack, he tries a lot but does not aim .. Rabia plays hard, but his mistakes cost Al-Ahly direct goals.

The question of the mystery of the low level of Hussein Al-Shahat or the thought of electrification in scoring aesthetic goals. Things will be solved once Ramadan Sobhi returns and with him the move of Ajay to the center of the spearhead and the domino of the players’ movements that have been explained before .. Because Al-Ahly needs a terminal focal point through which he can stand in front of competitors externally This is what Sobhi does only for the team.

Despite Badji’s immense physical capabilities and good artistic touches with confidence (seemingly excessive, making him at some time not take it more seriously, especially since the matter in Africa cannot tolerate complacency or slackness .. Perhaps what I said seems more appropriate to ( Kahraba) Currently, I see in Badji the same thing until now.

There is no doubt that the change of Walid Suleiman was required in the second half and I expected it personally as a first change, but I saw that his entry after the advance of Al-Ahly with a goal (Afsha) and with the rush of the crescent and flabby lines and the spacing of spaces between each other was a mistake because Al-Ahly needed to (a mastermind) manage Things are in the middle of the pitch, and the solos will come successively.

I used to find that Marwan or Hussein changed the first Al-Shahat to move Ajay to the center of the spearhead to provoke the Crescent defense line by advancing more and thus the necessary spaces appear behind the team line to strike it from the parties or even through the progress of Al-Sulayya or Deyang.

Walid’s entry lost Al-Ahly its balance in the depth, as it was not affecting me exceptionally, and a rapid change of places could have occurred between him and Al-Shahat, which would literally have caused a disaster from the Yemeni front, especially after Al-Fateh al-Naqir entered Faris Abdullah’s entry to the left front, which activated somewhat in half an hour. The latter, after Hilal’s technical director made sure that it was impossible to penetrate the left front of the Yemeni Ahly Crescent by Athar Al-Tahir.

Al-Ahly had the opportunity to kill the match with a series of opportunities, especially the opportunity to electrify, but thinking (the winter deal), which is supposed to be a reason for strengthening the team and strengthening its position, was not at the level of the event, and he thought about playing aesthetically before he found himself obliged to act .. Try He played the ball normally before Ali was blamed for keeping the ball overrated.

In games such as yesterday’s match, the level of interest in fixed balls should be better, with the determination in charge of playing balls especially from the right side, which was (a special power of attorney) for Ali Maaloul before .. Therefore, with the absence of a reason, strikes must be carried out in a way that suits those who are on The playing field is not to play the ball (purely commercial).

Al-Ahly tied in an atmosphere that its players had not been accustomed to for some time, but three years ago, Al-Ahly will be able to beat Al-Wydad in the group league in Mohamed V’s boat, and two years ago he won the Esperance in the League of Rades .. But the difference is that yesterday’s match was more like a final, which is the most important experience Acquired by the team players.

Finally, Feiler wore the African cloak to play outside the ground, but he did not give up the constants. At the end, Al-Ahly includes a large coach among his walls, who must be kept for several years.


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