Fyler settles on the return of Ahmed Fathi to form the main Al-Ahly


Swiss Rene Filer, technical director of the football team in Al-Ahly, has settled on pushing Ahmed Fathi back right in the team’s upcoming matches for several considerations, foremost of which is the failure of Mohamed Hani to appear at the required level in the summit meeting, in addition to the psychological state he is going through after wasting a penalty kick against Zamalek .

Feiler had pushed Mohamed Hani instead of Ahmed Fathi in front of Zamalek at the Super Summit held in the Emirates yesterday, Thursday, for his desire to revitalize the offensive side, according to Fyler’s interpretation of the matter.

Al-Ahly’s mission arrived in Cairo this afternoon, coming from the Emirates, after contesting the Super League to begin preparing for the postponed summit meeting from the fourth week, which will be held next Monday evening.

Zamalek team crowned the local super heart after its victory over Al-Ahly penalty shoot-out 4/3 after the end of their match Thursday evening, Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi, a goalless draw.

A record for Al-Ahly, Ali Maaloul, Amr Al-Sulaya, Mahmoud Metwally, and a record for Zamalek, Mahmoud Alaa, Ferjani Sassi, Tariq Hamid while Ashraf bin Sharqi wasted from Zamalek, Muhammad Hani and Alio Badji from Al-Ahly.

The match witnessed a mutual control over the atmosphere of the match, Al-Ahly acquired the first half, while Zamalek acquired the second half, before the penalties were decided by the super hero.


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