Fyler who criticizes his artistic choices: Are you a coach?


Swiss club Rene Weiler said the club’s technical director Al-AhlyHe is the only one who bears full responsibility for the technical choices of his club, and Feiler said in the press conference that precedes the Zamalek match in the local super, scheduled for 7 pm tomorrow, Thursday, at Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in the United Arab Emirates. “Each match has its circumstances and its facts and we do everything we have to get out in the best way “.

“Some people criticize my choices and tell him are you a coach? I am a coach and you are journalists who evaluate the formation after the match ends, but I make the difficult decision which is to put the formation before the match, so I am the only one who bears full responsibility for the technical choices for Al-Ahly.”

“We have 24 players at the same level, and I am running the rotation to escape the constant pressure of matches,” added Al-Ahly coach.

Feiler admitted that his team did not achieve good results outside the home in the African confrontations, saying “Yes, we did not achieve good results outside the home, but I feel that the UAE is not very different from Egypt.”

Feiler studied the Zamalek team with video after watching more than one match for the white team, especially the last match against Esperance, which the white team settled in favor of him to crown the African Super Cup, while the Swiss coach asked his players to warn against the Zamalek uprising and work to resolve the confrontation early by achieving An early goal, in addition to giving each player technical instructions and assigning him the role that he will play in the match

The technical staff imposed a media ban on the team’s players to impose a state of focus during the coming period, while Feiler asked to impose a state of secrecy on the team’s training throughout the presence of the Red Mission in the Emirates before confronting Zamalek, to avoid leaking information and plan for the white camp.

Officials refused Al-Ahly Motivating the team players with special rewards to overcome Zamalek, and club officials announced that there are no exceptional rewards in the super match despite the recognition of its importance and strength, and Al-Ahly officials stated that there is a list that will be applied in this tournament without special distinction that it is natural and logical for the team players to do everything Their effort to win and win the super title and confirm the team’s right to crown the same championship that Al-Ahmar won its title early this season when it defeated Zamalek 3/2 in the first summit of the Swiss coach, Rennes Filer.


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