“Global Health”: We are witnessing a stable number of Corona infections in China, but it may develop in different directions



                    Denis Balibouse

WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanum Gebresus, and WHO expert, Mike Ryan

The World Health Organization confirmed a stable monitoring of the number of cases of the new type of “Corona” virus in China, stressing, however, that the epidemic may develop in different directions.

“Stability has been monitored in the number of new cases of coronavirus infection in China during the past week, but this must be interpreted with great caution,” he stressed in this context, stressing in this context The outbreak may develop in any direction.

Gypressus stressed that the team led by the World Health Organization, which is currently active in China, had “made good progress” in his work, expressing the hope that there would be “more news soon”.

“We must unite efforts to combat this common enemy that does not respect borders,” said the organization’s director-general.

For his part, the WHO expert, Mike Ryan, stated that the behavior of the “Corona” virus outside Hubei Province is characterized by “a less aggressive and hasty level, which is a good sign”.

Source: Agencies

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