Good news after rumors of her illness: By God, it is not correct


The star replied Human On the rumors of her infection with the new Coronavirus during her presence at the Aswan International Film Festival for Women, she said, during the briefing of the media, Bossi Shalaby, talking to her, “By God, it is not SK, this is the sensitivity of the airbrush.”


The artist, Bushra, spent several days in the hospital to receive treatment because she was a seasonal allergic patient about a week ago, while she received the rest of the treatment at home, and asked everyone not to raise rumors around her, through her account on Instagram.


Bushra had previously published a picture of her while she was in the hospital and hanging a needle of solutions in her hand, while holding a bouquet of roses, and she said in her comment on the photo: “Thank you to all the friends, colleagues and the public who overwhelmed me with his interest and the question about my health .. I thank God I was fine and left the hospital yesterday after Spend 3 days because I am a seasonal allergy patient who was not treated properly resulting in severe asthma and difficulty breathing, “she added:” Please do not spread rumors that there is no benefit other than causing unnecessary confusion .. I am currently at home receiving the rest of the treatment and rest is required according to Doctor’s instructions .. Thanks. ”

“Yara”, the sister of the star, Bushra, said that her sister is sick of seasonal allergies, but that this time she came to her with bronchitis with signs of pneumonia, while she denied that what Bushra is experiencing is a suspicion in the case of infection with the Corona virus, especially since she returned from traveling recently , Explaining that this condition is a chronic disease and developed to not be treated in a timely manner, denying that the symptoms of a coronavirus infection, confirming that Bushra returned from abroad on January 26 and was in good health.


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