Google deletes 600 applications from its online store


The US company “Google” banned a number of ads that violate the rules that were widespread even on applications that are not used, as well as a number of search engines that use these ads.

Google said in a statement on the Internet that it had deleted 600 applications from its online store because of this rule.

Confirming that the reason for the deletion is due to reasons related to the company’s policy regarding ads, as they were banned on platforms such as “Admob” and “Admanger” affiliated with the company.

According to the company, it classifies annoying ads as those that appear to users in unexpected ways, including those that interfere with or affect the usability of the device’s functionality.

Among these cases when the user makes a phone call to another person, an unexpected window appears, an advertisement associated with an application, according to what was published by the Al-Ahram website.


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